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Atomic Maverick & Maven Ski Review

Apr 18, 2021 Riley Boone

They nailed the construction of the Maverick 95ti, it’s my favorite in the collection!

Winter Park Resort Ski Test: Every Tuesday Just Gets Better

Mar 16, 2021 Dan Guajardo

What’s in a Tuesday? Most of the huddled masses are surviving Zoom meetings with Karen and Chad..

Our Involvement with the New Atomic Maverick & Maven Series

Mar 08, 2021 Riley Boone

It was us along with 5-7 other skiers including a few other local shop owners, U.S. Atomic Commercial Manager, Jake Strassburger.. 

Well Fit Boots Equals Better Skiing

Feb 15, 2021 Logan Boone

Boots are the foundation for all skiing. A wise man once told me, “ You marry your boots, and date your skis.” Buying boots can be the hardest part of the sport

Magical - The Boone Mountain Sports Tuesday Experience..

Feb 09, 2021 Guest Blogger

Special would be a word to capture the spirit of the whole day. From the moment of the invite while standing at the service counter..

Stöckli Skis: A Brief History

Dec 03, 2020 Riley Boone

With over 80 years of experience, Stöckli relies on over 80 associates to hand-build today’s highest-end and most technological skis in the industry. Stöckli is known for their manipulation of metal with their CNC milling machines and hand finishes. It takes them over 5 days before the complete design is printed on a Stöckli ski. 

Ski Tuning Explained

Nov 15, 2020 Riley Boone

We use a multitude of structures primarily consisting of varying linear, crosshatch, wave, and chevron structures when tuning. We adjust our margins between race skis, freeride skis, all-mountain skis, and cross-country skis. These parameters are custom for different types of skis and snowboards and are essential for glide and wax retention.