Spring has officially sprung. Whether you’re digging out your one piece and sunglasses for a resort day or strapping on skins for a day in the backcountry, it’s safe to say spring is a favorite among all skiers. Gone are the days of 5 am wakeup calls to defrost in the i70 traffic before a day on the hill. Spring is the skiers time to perfect their slush turns on the way to the c lot for a beer and burger or hit the beach for a tan while watching the Jerrys attempt a pond skim. Here is our list of spring essentials to keep your season strong until the very end. 

Pit Viper Sunglasses

If you have spent any time at aprés this year, chances are you've seen these babies everywhere. A cult favorite, not only for their UV and UVB eye protection, but legend has it that once these are on you will be the fastest skier on the mountain. Get yours here! 

Eco Journey Speaker

Good Tunes are arguably the most important part of spring skiing. The EcoJourney speaker will help you get the party started! They are waterproof making them slush resistant and have over 50 hours of play time to keep the party going all night long! Get yours here! 

Surface Sunscreen

Quick drying, ultra lightweight, and clean feeling, this sunscreen provides the ideal broad spectrum protection for those who live, work, and play in the sun!
Check them out here.

Mica Basin Camp Chair 

Lightweight and easily foldable, these chairs can do it all. From camping, to backpacking, to aprés, these chairs break down small and can be taken anywhere! 
Check them out here.

BMS Pint Cup Classic

Here at Boone we like to have full cups. When life is this short, theres no time for anything half empty! These pint glasses are perfect for an afternoon brew slope-side but whatever you choose to fill it with, make sure it's full.  Check them out here

Volkl Blaze

Looking for a ski that can do it all? Made for both inbounds, and out of bounds skiing, this all mountain ski is 106 underfoot enabling a quick edge to edge while still floating in the deeps. They are light enough for a day of hiking while also sturdy enough to handle an edge even in steep and variable terrain. Check it out here!


While we are lucky enough to enjoy the Rocky Mountains on a daily basis, the dry climate and altitude mean that staying hydrated is key to a successful day. We love Nalgene's because not only are they the toughest bottles in the business, but they also keep plastic bottles out of the landfill and are great in any situation. Find the Boone Nalgene here! 

BMS Can Chiller

For skiers, few things are as sacred as an aprés beer. As we are climbing up mountains or charging down moguls, a crisp brew is the light that guides us to the finish. With sore muscles and a full cup, nothing is better than sitting around with your buddies reminiscing on the day. To keep your apres game strong, make sure to check out the BMS Can Chiller. Not only does this keep your drink cold but the smartgrip will stick better to surfaces like truck beds, coolers, and skis to keep it from falling over so you can enjoy every last sip. 
Get yours here.