Atomic/Salomon Shift vs. Marker Duke PT

Let's take an in-depth look at the Atomic/Salomon Shift and Marker Duke PT

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Hey guys, welcome down to happy hour Boone Mountain Sports. I'm Riley and today I'm here to compare the differences between the atomic shift and the new marker Duke PT that came out last year, and when to use which binding for what ski the shift is a lot more of a lightweight binding, right? This thing is really meant for a 5050 skier, someone who is skiing in resort as much as they are touring, it's a lot lighter than the marker. Now this is not considered a lightweight binding. It's not a traditional tech binding. But it skis far superior to any tech binding. And it walks decently well. It's not the best walking binding by by any means. But it works really well for what it is versus the Duke PT. Now the Duke PT marker was under the wire when atomic and Solomon came out with this, they needed to do something in their tour bindings, they had the marker Kingpin, they had the marker Duke, this is definitely going to be for someone who's skiing 80% in the resorts, it is a bomber binding, this thing has tons of metal in the toe piece, it also has a kick plate. So if you need to clear off some snow, you can really kind of refund this thing. And then when you're ready to go tour, you can take off the toe piece, take off 300 grams, and go tour uphill if you want or you can lock it out for your short tour. So this is definitely for that burlier ski you know something that might have some metal in it, two sheets, one sheet, this is for something that's going to be more lightweight, like the head core, or the atomic Maverick or the back land from Atomic. Plenty of lighter weight skis, something for a burlier ski this is infused carbon plastic. Right. So some issues that we've seen with the shift is if you're kicking your toe piece pretty aggressively. We've seen wings snap off, we've seen a FDS fail, they have a ladder that drops if you're too aggressive and getting into the binding. We've seen break retention issues, and there's also two pins that hold the break in. So if you're touring all the time, you might consider getting a tour specific binding. Now we're here for questions all the time. Like subscribe, follow us on all the channels and come down have beer and let's talk about bindings.