Introducing BOA Innovation: Elevating Your Ski Experience


As pioneers in the ski industry, Boone Mountain Sports is thrilled to introduce the latest breakthrough in ski boot technology: BOA ski boots. Representing a transformative leap forward in innovation and accessibility, BOA-equipped boots are set to redefine the skiing experience for enthusiasts of all levels. Join us as we delve into the cutting-edge features of BOA boots and explore how they can enhance your time on the slopes this winter.

BOA Boots: Shaping the Future of Skiing

The buzz surrounding BOA technology signals a new era in ski boot design, with major manufacturers such as Atomic, Salomon, K2, and Fischer leading the charge. This innovative system replaces traditional forefoot buckles with a BOA mechanism, functioning like a lace to securely fasten the top of your foot. What sets BOA apart is its ability to distribute pressure evenly, offering unparalleled comfort for skiers accustomed to the constraints of traditional buckles. Furthermore, its adjustable width feature accommodates a diverse range of body and foot types, ensuring a personalized fit tailored to your unique needs. With BOA boots, precision, control, and comfort converge to elevate your skiing experience to unprecedented heights.

Unveiling the Comfort of BOA Boots

A common concern when adopting new technology is how it will affect the fit of ski boots. Remarkably, BOA boots maintain the same snug fit as their buckle counterparts, despite manufacturers reengineering the boot shell to accommodate the BOA system. Whether you're a fan of the Atomic Hawx Ultra or the Salomon S/Pro, you can expect the BOA version to deliver the same level of comfort and performance you've come to rely on. However, buckle boots will always have their place on the wall. At Boone Mountain Sports, we have found certain feet to fit BOA boots better than others. This is why it is always best practice to go see your local professional boot-fitter to get a proper analysis of your feet.


Redefining Performance with the New BOA System

The redesigned BOA system boasts enhanced durability and adjustability compared to previous iterations. Featuring a taller and wider profile, the new system offers superior customization while maintaining robustness for long-lasting performance. A reinforced 3mm steel cable ensures reliability, with external routing facilitating effortless maintenance. Notably, the tightening mechanism has been refined for intuitive operation, allowing users to fine-tune tension with precision and ease. With the latest BOA system, you can embrace the future of skiing with confidence and control.

Embracing the 2023/24 Lineup

Boone Mountain Sports is proud to offer an extensive lineup of BOA-equipped ski boots for the 2023/24 season, including:

Initial skepticism about BOA boots has given way to widespread acclaim among industry experts and enthusiasts alike. Boone Mountain Sports is at the forefront of this groundbreaking technology, you can trust that your skiing adventures will reach new heights of comfort, precision, and enjoyment.

Experience the future of skiing with BOA boots at Boone Mountain Sports. Elevate your skiing experience and embrace innovation on the slopes like never before. Visit us today and discover a new era of comfort and performance in ski boot design.

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