2022 Atomic Maverick 88 Review 

Let's take an in-depth look at the 2022 Atomic Maverick 88 


Hey guys, welcome to Blue Mountain Sports. I'm Logan. We are here to happy hour to chat about the new Maverick 88. From atomic. It's the new series for atomic came out this year actually, in previous episodes you probably talked about with Riley about how Boone unfortunately involved with some of the creation of this new series that came out. It was a development from the first US led and Austrian produced. So let's just kind of dive right into the tech as an 8888. Obviously being 88 at the waist is going to allow for super fun frontside skin. I am blown away with actually how incredible the ski does ski. I would put it on someone who is wanting to ski maybe like the early season snow or we can't really have a lot of the mountains. But also it will explore anywhere and everywhere. But it's incredibly powerful on it. It has an amazing camber profile with a ton of energy. Inside the ski. We're utilizing poplar wood, so incredibly lightweight, but very poppy. So it has a ton of energy. But what they've utilized for the dampening agent in here is two sheets of metal, but it's incredibly light considering now through the series, you'll have your 88, your 95 and your 100. But what they've done with the 88 is they've tapered off the early rise in the tip of the tail to allow for better edge control as you're going through the snow. Especially on that harder packs. Now it is a pretty aggressive ski. It's not a beginner ski. Definitely want to be putting this on someone who has a little bit more experience and really likes to get into the edge of a car, you know, hit touch that hit the ground baby. That is what this ski is all about. So if it's something that might be interesting, like that button, check us out of Blue Mountain source calm or give us a holler and would love to tell you about the 88 Maverick