2022 Atomic Maverick 95 Ti Review

Let's take an in-depth look at the 2022 Atomic Maverick 95 Ti


Hey guys, welcome down to Blue Mountain Sports. I'm Riley and we're here for our happy hour gear review. Today I'm stoked to talk about this product. This is the brand new Atomic Maverick 95 T eye. It is one of the best skis that's out in the market right now. And I was fortunate enough to be a part of the process. The last two years testing and developing this product, I was actually one of five North American skiers, you can actually YouTube, their video of it, I'm the one in yellow skin. Pretty cool project to be a part of because it was North American led and Austrian engineered is a great collaboration between the North Americans and the Austrians diving right into it. Some of the tech that these guys are utilizing is fantastic. It's an all poplar wood core, meaning it is just so friggin light. However, what they do is they add to sheets of metal sandwich construction. So that helps with that dampening of vibration at higher speed. They have three different dimensions, they have an 88, a 95, and a 100. All three of the skiers have the exact same construction, they just changed the taper of the early rise profile, the camber profile and the taper on the tail in the early rise. I personally think the 95 is the best mountain ski out of the series, I found it to be super energetic, great combination between 188 Not too snappy out of the turn, but really smooth, but also really playful and really lively. When you want it to be at stable when you need it to be bust through crud carves, it floats well, and if you're looking for a ski to kind of do it all, this is a do it all, even though we know that doesn't exist. The type of skier that this is going to be for is someone who's looking for an all mountain ski that can explore the mountain who's maybe looking for something on the lighter side but doesn't want to sacrifice any performance and speed. I wouldn't say that this is a beginner skier ski at all. It's definitely going to be a little bit charged here. But not super demanding. So like and subscribe. Come down. Have a beer. Talk THE MAVERICK with us. We're pumped about this thing. Yep, we'll see you soon.