The Glories of Chasing Powder

Have you ever pulled into a campground in Iowa, just passed Omaha on your way to ride Trollhaugen, WI? Has a friendly campground host named Dave let you in for free and talked to you about the snow that falls back home on Rabbit Ears Pass? Did it matter that it was already dark or did he help point you to his favorite campground right on the boardwalk of the pond, with its own restroom?

         It may not directly be skiing/riding but it is through these snow sliding activities that you come to appreciate humanity and the world around you. It helps you believe in the good of others and in the world, “is it safe here?” you ask with a giant camper behind you adorned with logos and full of equipment. “Couldn’t be safer, you’re in the middle of nowhere and this is my gate. The only bad thing, you only get Nebraska news channels here.”

More Than Just a Ski Trip

         Not every night is like this or will be like this, you know that much. Talk about perfectly ideal though. Yet, it is something you never expect and beginning a trip with a first night like this and a bald eagle sighting on the way out are ALWAYS good omens and not to be taken lightly.

As you stare up into the star-lit night sky, you take time to cherish the moment and the anticipation of the adventure ahead. Your skis, your gear and your kit are stocked for the journey. Enjoy the calm before the slopes and get ready for the ride of the season!

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