Shop Talk: An in-depth review on 2021/2022 Augment Skis 

Let us clear some questions you might have on various Augment models up for you. 

What Skis You Should or Shouldn’t Buy

Augment has been very clear about the way they market their skis. They are made and built for advanced to expert skiers. They work on a flex rating system of 1 to 10 with 1 being the “stiffest” and 10 being the “softest”. Take this rating system with a grain of salt when talking about the A.M. series (All Mountain). Their 10 flex is still stiff when talking about the AM series because all of these skis contain two sheets of titanal. We bought all flex patterns of 5 which are considered a mid/soft flex pattern to Augment but don’t be fooled, just because they use the word “soft” does not mean that the ski is soft at all. For the 21/22 season Augment has moved to a five flex system to make selling easier. Soft, Med/Soft, Medium, Med/Hard, and Hard flex. Each flex name groups two of the former flex numbers together so a soft is a 9-10, and a Med/Soft is a 7-8...etc.  

At 88mm underfoot, this ski is a do-it-all champ. Carves incredibly well, yet will perform well in varied conditions. We would place this ski in a ratio of 70 to 30, piste to off-piste. In our opinion, 88mm is the golden dimension for Colorado skiing. If you don’t have an 88mm waisted ski in your quiver, it’s time to buy this bad boy. At 171cm the ski has an 18.5-meter radius, can you say the word FUN or what!!!! Definitely a little longer of a radius when you’re in the turn, the 179cm jumps up to a 21-meter radius. This thing is incredibly stable, reliable, and confidence building, but make sure you’re on it or otherwise, it will ski you. The tail of the ski can kick you around if you start to get lazy. We highly recommend skiing with at least a 110 flex pattern boot, otherwise, it will be difficult to get this ski to initiate quickly. If you like carving fast, know how to pressure an edge, dip into bumps every now and then, ski aggressively, and are looking for a great all-mountain ski that excels on the front-side and longer radius turns, look no further. If you suck, don’t buy it.Soon to be debuted is a new AM88 and the AM88 of last season is now the AM 88C or AM 88Carving. This new 88 will reflect the design approach of the AM 98 and 108.

This thing is incredibly stable, reliable, and confidence building, but make sure you’re on it or otherwise, it will ski you.

Augment A.M. 98

A freeride animal. 98mm underfoot is a versatile dimension that excels in 4-10” of snow. Little more material to put up on edge but with two sheets of metal throughout the ski, holds incredibly well at speed. If you like ripping longer radius turns down big open bowls and busting through crud, this is your stick. Beware, not for the faint of skiers. Still has a surprisingly light swing weight for shorter radius turns or varied terrain such as bumps or trees. What you have to watch out for is the tail. If you’re not on these skis, they will be on you. The tail on the 98 is rather stiff for what the ski is. Great for stomping cliffs because the tail will push you back into the front of the ski. GET IT!

The 108 eats chowdah for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This beast loves to search for soft snow all day. Great pow stick. If you’re looking at this ski, we would suggest ordering it a “softer” flex pattern (7-10) as it will put you in your place either way. Crud-bustin-chowdah-munchin-haus of a ski. Looking no further if you are in search of a big mountain stick. This ski can make dreams come to reality if you’re really good at turning left and right.