Boone Mountain Sports - AUGMENT AM 108 - 2022

AUGMENT AM 108 - 2022

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Our AM108 is our widest powder ski for all terrain skiers. With its well-balanced, harmonious tip-rocker it lifts you perfectly in powder snow and due to its special side cut and short contact surface it is very manoeuvrable and stable.

PCM Prepreg Compression Moulding
Sandwich torsion frame + Tip & Tail Rocker
Polyamide top sheet with micro cap
Poplar wood core reinforced with Titanal & Phenol
Racing steel edges
P-Tex race base

Name Radius Side shape Weight
All Mountain108 171 17 148/108/130 2.100g
All Mountain108 179 18 148/108/130 2.200g
All Mountain108 187 19 148/108/130 2.300g

Weight per ski in grams. The weight of the skis can vary slightly due to different production cycles.