Top 5 Best Hollywood Ski Movies

The Skiing season is finally here, and of course, everyone is in the mood for some action-packed activities. If you don't feel like going out or just coming back from a long day on the slopes, then why not watch one of the awesome ski movies made throughout the years? We've put together a list of our top five best ski movies that you should check out.

1. Blizzard (2003)

This movie, directed by famous director Paul Haggis, follows the story of two sisters who come from different backgrounds, but both love skiing and snowboarding. What's more important is that they are both determined to prove themselves and become better skiers in the process.  From breathtaking skiing scenes to heart-touching drama, this movie is a must-watch for any ski enthusiast.

2. Aspen Extreme (1993)

Two friends from Michigan move to Colorado to pursue their dreams of becoming professional skiers. A romantic triangle develops between them and a girl they meet at the ski resort. They eventually become instructors and experience a wild ride of events. The skiing scenes in this movie are amazing; you'll be sure to keep your eyes glued to the screen.

This movie is based on real-life events, and it's a classic for any ski enthusiast. You definitely don't want to miss it in your list of best ski movies this season.

3. Ski School (1990)

This classic '90s movie follows two rebellious friends who have to attend a strict ski school to become better skiers. Along the way, they meet hilarious characters and learn some important life lessons. The 90’s raunchy humor is what gives this film its R rating, but it still makes for a good laugh after a day on the mountain. 

As the movie unfolds, the two rival groups get into a competition to see who will become the better skier. One group consists of party animals, while the other group is made up of wealthy and powerful skiers. Both teams are decked out in stylish ski gear and are elite skiers on the mountain, in any terrain.  This movie has it all—humor, adventure, and, of course, skiing!

4. Teddybear Crisis

Another great skiing movie to keep you engaged as you stay warm at home. Two friends, Teddy and Bear, set out on a journey to prove they can ski better than anyone else. Along the way, they meet obstacles in the form of wild animals and crazy weather conditions.

This movie is sure to keep you laughing while also teaching some important lessons about determination and friendship. Even though the movie was shot on a low budget, the quality of the skiing scenes is still impressive and worth watching. The music is superb, and the soundtrack is one of the best for a ski movie.

5. Hot Dog… The Movie (1984)

This classic '80s movie follows two friends who are on their way to becoming professional skiers in Aspen. Along the way, they have to deal with funny characters and unexpected twists and turns. They end up getting involved in wild adventures while they try out some daring stunts on the slopes. 

One of its main characters is played by the legendary pro skier Shawn Farmer. The movie is full of comedy and skiing action; you won't regret watching it. 

Bonus: Chamonix (2018)

This modern ski movie follows two brothers who take a road trip from Italy to France. Along the way, they visit beautiful spots like the European Alps in search of some breathtaking skiing action. One is an experienced skier, while the other is a rookie who needs to learn the basics. 

The movie captures some amazing ski and snowboard shots in slow motion and has beautiful cinematography. The storyline is also quite gripping and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don't forget to check out this feel-good movie if you're a fan of skiing. 

If you're looking for some great ski movies to watch this season, these are definitely worth checking out. So grab your bowl of popcorn, get comfy on the couch, and enjoy these awesome movies.  

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    Thought you might get a kick out of this…. I was an extra in Hot Dog while working at Snowbird!

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