Spring Fever In The Rocky Mountains

Do you get spring fever? That’s normal. Snow-oriented individuals typically receive this diagnosis in the Fall. You may hear these questions frequently leading up to the season:

  • What pass are you getting? 
  • Where is it going to snow most?
  • What trips do you have planned? 
  • Have you gone to your local ski shop to stock up on wax and socks?
  • Do you have a backcountry ski set up? 
  • What do we do when it's too cold to bike but there’s still no snow?

That Long Wait For The First Powder Day

         The months of mid-late Fall drag on in Colorado like a snail on a long dry sidewalk. Snowstorms make cameo appearances, helping taunt you and your thoughts like your new gear staring at you from the corner of the room. Leaves falling and colder temperatures slowly rolling in, hint at the snowy days ahead. You’ll have to wait to quench your snowy desires until the first lift starts spinning but you can prepare for the day with stylish new accessories to help you crave up the mountains. By the time all the resorts are open in Colorado you got your feet back under you and your thirst for more snow. When is the next storm? The resorts predict 8 billion inches…

         Be PATIENT! It’s coming, we promise. In Colorado, its remarkable how many people ski the early white ribbon of death versus the completely open, lineless, spring slush resorts at the end of the season. Pace your selves and stock your ski quivers for a long and thrill packed season. Fun is coming and we want to see everyone during those glorious celebratory powder days, all the way down to the fun and chaotic slush days. Happy powder chasing from Boone Mountain Sports!

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