Top 5 Gifts for the Skier in Your Life

For some people, when the perfect sport is discovered, it becomes a part of their entire personality. Skiers discover adventure and exhilaration on the mountainside, along with peace and inner strength once they find the tranquility of the mountains. If you know someone whose eyes light up planning their next ski trip, giving a thoughtful ski shop gift can be a great way to show that you care about the special thing that makes them happy.

Finding the right gift for the skier in your life can be as easy as choosing something that they will love - but wouldn't get for themselves. Whether it's a beautiful jacket to replace a worn favorite or a clever new gadget to make every ski outing more fun, we have the top gifts for skiers in 2023 this year.

1) Don’t Forget About In-Helmet Music for Skiers

Sports are almost always better when they are done with music. Grooving to cool beats and even keeping in touch through a wireless intercom can make skiing both more fun and safer. This means that one of the coolest and most high-tech gifts for a skier is helmet audio. Try these trendy gifts for the skier in your life:

Sleek earbuds can fit tightly to the head and remain comfortable inside a helmet. An audio band can fit securely so that it cannot shake loose. You can also find in-helmet speakers designed to drop into the helmet itself, compatible with some models of ski helmets

At Boone Mountain Sports, in our ski shop, you can try in-helmet music solutions for yourself. This gives you a chance to try on different models with and without a helmet to discover what will likely make the most comfortable audio solution inside a helmet and on the slopes.

2) Try Out Our Mountain Survival Ski Gear

Skiers spend a lot of time in the wintery outdoors. In addition to flying down slopes and across the snowy countryside, they also enjoy outdoor picnics, gatherings, and the occasional snowy camping trip. Make skiing safer and more comfortable by gifting your favorite ski enthusiast with winter camping gear. A slender skier's backpack can allow them to carry everything they need for a short trek or even the risk of getting stranded. Discover these gifts for your favorite mountaineer:

A survival blanket and water purifier make it possible to camp out anywhere for a short while. A few essentials like firestarters, a first aid kit, or a cool headlamp can ensure that they are safe and able to help friends when out on the slopes.

3) Get Your Favorite Outdoorsmen a New Ski Jacket or Fleece

For someone who skis often, their favorite gear can get well-worn over time. If you have noticed that the skier in your life has a favorite fleece that is wearing to bits or a down jacket that has lost its fluff, you can get them back on the slopes in style with a well-chosen replacement of that all-time style. You can find an excellent selection of men's women's and children's outerwear and ski accessories to choose from at BMS!

Your friend may also appreciate new ski gloves, or new ski boots to replace their old pair which may be on its way out of the door. You may want to also consider getting your skier some base layers. As skiing often involves different types of gloves, boots & innerwear that work together during a ski vacation to keep a skier warm throughout their time on the mountain.

Often, the best gift is one that comes from responding to the needs of the person you care about. Knowing that their best gloves have started to come apart at the seams or that their helmet has become scuffed and gifting with new sets can be a great way to show that you care. Choosing just the right size and style of fleece or jacket can show that you really understand the skier you are gifting, whether or not you personally take to the snowy slopes.

4) Winter Accessories and Gear

Winter accessories can also help your skier stay warm no matter how they equip themselves each day. Ski gear works best when you can combine it smartly with accessories like soft hats, scarves, balaclavas, and of course, a constant supply of fluffy socks.

A good hat and sunglasses are important to avoid snow blindness turning your ski say upside down. Many people work hard to find the right layer of hats, combining brimmed hats, helmets, beanies, pom hats, and caps until the right skiing ensemble can be found. Don’t forget to match your skier's hat to his socks to show off the flare on the slopes. If you know your skier's taste in socks, a new set of festive socks that fit comfortably into ski boots is the perfect addition to pad any set of new ski gear.

5) Try On a New Set of High-Performance Skis

Of course, the easiest years to shop for your skier loved ones are when they are excited about a specific piece of equipment. A new set of skis is a great gift if you know exactly what your skiing friend or family member is going for. If they have been talking about a specific make and style of skis or you know all their favorite details, you can work with your local experts at BMS to make sure that the skier in your life receives a gift they can enjoy for years to come! Our team may even have a few ideas to help disguise that you have purchased and wrapped a very long, slender item to help preserve the surprise.

Discover Great Ski Gear and Ski Gifts with Boone Mountain Sports

The Boone Mountain Sports Ski Shop is dedicated to providing great ski experiences for skiers everywhere, not just on the local slopes. We love the tenacity of skiers to get out there and enjoy the snowy wonderland at high speeds. So if you are shopping for winter accessories and ski gear for your favorite skier, we are here to help. Contact us today to get a consult on the best ski gear for your favorite skier this year.

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