How to Approach Buying Skis

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Hey everybody, welcome to happy hour here at Blue Mountain Sports. We are the brothers boon. And we're here to talk about skiing and skis. You know, you go to big box stores, everyone just kind of throws, what type of skis you should be just because they're pushing sales on you. And then you don't really know whether you know if your height or your weight or the type of ski or how tall it should be for you. There's so many different questions are, what type of ski you are, where you like to ski on the mountain, do any of those questions happen, and what skews me best suited for you it's it's hard to kind of find out we were going to give you a little bit of a synopsis on how we purchase skis and how we talk about so on skis to kind of help ease that, that research for you and help narrow down the ski that's going to be best suited for you a little bit of how we do that is when we talk about skis we talk all about I mentioned dimensioned determines where skis ski, how they like to ski. And in specific, we like to look at this waist width dimension. waist width is incredibly important. And generally every ski has a cheat sheet. If you see a big number on a ski, it's either one of two things, the length or the waist width, measured magically in millimeters. Generally when we're talking about narrower wasted skis, we're looking at skis that are gonna ski more groom terrain, front side, when we're looking at mid waisted skis, we're looking at 5050 Back side, front side and wider profile skis are gonna allow you to get that better flotation, right. And in specific, it's that 60 to 70 or 65 to 75 is like groom terrain, right front side skin 75 to 85 is like 60% or 70%, groom terrain to 30 or 40% in the backside 85 to 95 That's your all mountain maybe 5050 Carswell floats decently well 95 to 105, that's going to be more of your 60% in the back, or 70% in the back to 30 or 40% in the front side, and 105 and up, man, that thing floats pretty well. And that's going to be your pastic and that's what we're going to be talking about throughout this series. In our happy hour. We'll be talking beer, we'll be talking skis, we'll be talking bindings and boots, and hopefully getting you the information that you need to take to a shop specialty shop in my opinion to dive deeper into that gear. And, and so tune in, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our facebook, follow us on Instagram and we'll see you out on the slopes.