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I'm Riley down a Boone Mountain Sports. Today I'm here to talk to you about a ELAN. One of the best companies in the ski industry, always innovating, always pushing the limits for over 70 years, they came out with the first parabolic ski 25 years ago. And recently, Boone has been fortunate enough to help them develop some of their newer skis, including the Ripstick series, and the wing man and the Wildcat series. Now, today I'm here to talk to you about the Ripstick. The Ripstick series is one of the best skis in the world right now. It's great for beginner skiers, intermediate skiers, advanced rippin skiers and people who are going to stomp 45 foot cliffs, depending on which Ripstick you want to get. Now for women, they have three dimensions, the 88 millimeter wasted ski, the 94 and the 102. For men, they also have an 88 they have a 96 a 106. And my personal favorite, the 116 How Slayer, they utilize similar technology throughout the entire series. This includes an ash poplar core ashes your more stable wood poplars, your fun Poppy, lightweight wood, so a great blend between two woods. They also utilize Tubelight technology. Now Tubelight are five millimeter carbon tubes that line the entire length of the ski on each edge. What this does is it allows for torsional rigidity at speed. So dampening of vibration along with saving weight for that torsional rigidity. They cut that five millimeter carbon tube four dimensionally once to match the exact side cut of the ski so the hourglass profile and second to match the exact camber profile of the ski, which gives the carbon a very consistent feel on snow and carbon can sometimes be deflected when it's not cut like that. They do an incredible job utilizing carbon. They also use a carbon mesh on the inside edge in the shovels of all the skis. Now this gets into their technology called amphibia. In video technology is very unique to Alon, they utilize it in almost all of their series of skis. Now it's a right and left specific technology where your inside edge is more traditionally cambered than your outside edge. how that translates to the snow is your downhill ski initiates quicker and your uphill ski just follows. So it's an auto turning machine and it is super fun and very easy to ski smash that like button, subscribe to our YouTube channel. And we're always here for questions. Visit www dot Boone Mountain Sports or come on in and talk to us about these bad boys.