2022 Elan Ripstick Black Edition

Let's take an in-depth look at the 2022 Elan Ripstick Black Edition. 

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Hey guys, I'm Logan at Boone Mountain Sports. Today I'm going to be talking about the Elan Ripstick Black Edition. I'm incredibly excited about the new 2021/2022 model. It's beautiful, as you can tell it's a matted-black, little bit of gray. I know it's not all about the look, but this is a pretty stylish looking ski along with some of the most innovative technology that's been on the ski market from along. What they have done with this particular model is they use carbon tubes they call tube light. And what this does is it follows the contour of the radius of the ski on the inside on the outside. Now the black edition series has two different models/widths a 96 and a 106. And what separates the Black Edition in comparison to the original ripsticks is they've added more carbon tubing in the tip and in the tail to allow for better power on the snow track incredibly well and be super poppy and playful. And that's what's really cool about the actual tubing of carbon, which I don't think anyone else does in the market. So that is what sets aside Elan from a lot of different companies out there. In the Black Edition Series as well, they have one more aspect of carbon that they're putting in, in addition to their other series, this is their amphibio tech so this is a right and left ski and on the inside edge they put in another flat piece of carbon for more rigidity and better power transference all the way through tip and tail, including the mounting plate. So it's an incredible amount of carbon inside this thing that allows for better power when you're on the snow. In addition to that technology, they also introduce the vapor tip which is about 10-12 inches long just in the tip to allow for a lighter swing weight. So going back and forth entering in and out of turns, jump turning becomes a lot easier. It is an incredibly versatile ski with a 96 and 106, you can kind of hit any amount of skiers, I would definitely say for a strong from intermediate skier who wants to grow all the way to an expert skier. You can stomp anything with this ski. It is unbelievable. 106 a nice wide tip it floats. It carves it charges through chunder great for trees, anything and everything this thing is going to do, if you're interested, like that button down the bottom, follow Boone on sports and come check us out thanks.