A Brief Intro & History of Stöckli Skis and Boone Mountain Sports

If you know, then you know…If not, I’m going to tell you now. 

Stöckli is a small Swiss ski manufacturer that has been around since 1935, started by a man named Josef Stöckli. Josef first started building skis in his Mother’s washtub out of Ash from his family’s workshop. The demand quickly grew as friends began placing orders. As the industry grew and technology evolved, so did Stöckli. Their production is still family-owned and its primary production facility has remained in Malters outside of Lucerne since 1986. Stöckli produces and sells more than 60,000 pairs of skis worldwide annually (to give you a comparison, Atomic produces and sells more than 500,000 pairs a year). Stöckli follows a strict basic principle, “Quality over Quantity”, and in our opinion, they always have. 

With over 80 years of experience, Stöckli relies on over 80 associates to hand-build today’s highest-end and most technological skis in the industry. Stöckli is known for their manipulation of metal with their CNC milling machines and hand finishes. It takes them over 5 days before the complete design is printed on a Stöckli ski. To give you an idea, it takes Salomon just over 8 hours to build a ski. Up to 140 steps are necessary before each ski is completed.  There is a little bit more attention to detail and precision when these skis are manufactured.

We are passionate believers in Stöckli, we truly feel as though these skis make you a better skier. Allow you to explore more of the mountain more comfortably and ski longer days than other skis.

Boone Mountain Sports has been carrying Stöckli since the 1990s; back when we used to be called Paragon Sports. Stöckli then ceased its U.S. operations in 2000 for about a decade. As soon as they began re-importing into the states we quickly hopped back on the bandwagon. Since then we have carried almost every model they have produced. We are passionate believers in Stöckli, we truly feel as though these skis make you a better skier. Allow you to explore more of the mountain more comfortably and ski longer days than other skis. They are known for their dampness and precision on snow. You think it, they do it. Most people who ski Stöckli like to compare the experience alike to a religious experience. Warning, once you put a Stöckli on your foot, it can be very difficult to go back to anything else. Whether you’re a FIS racer, all-mountain cruiser, backside freerider, or beginner, Stöckli has a ski for you.

Stöckli is a specialty product and should be treated as such. We have a long history with the brand and know these skis intimately. This is a ski brand of choice for our shop in general. Every ski of theirs is unique, and every size is unique. This can make purchasing a Stöckli confusing based on your height, weight, skier ability, and turning radius preference. However, we guarantee every Stöckli sale as long as we are the ones to sell you the product personally. We highly recommend buying these skis from specialty retailers who ski the product almost daily and know the product inside and out; not necessarily from those who sell patio furniture.

Common questions, are Stöckli skis any good, and are they worth the price? Yes, and yes. They are by far some of the best skis in the industry and are worth every single cent. As long as you purchase the appropriate ski, we guarantee you amazing days on the hill. Stöckli skis are a premium ski, yes you have your Salomons, Atomics, Elans, Rossignols, etc...Just like your Toyotas, Subarus, Jeeps, etc...all great products, but as soon as you start driving BMWs, Ferraris, Teslas, it’s difficult to go back to those other vehicles. Yes, Stöcklis are slightly more expensive, but it all depends on how much fun you want to have as well as the company you choose to support. Power, stability, precision, multi-generational family-owned, small business, all play a factor when looking at Stöckli skis. 

Now let’s talk about the Stöckli 2022 product!