Our Involvement with the New Atomic Maverick & Maven Series

Working with Atomic on their new 2021-2022 Maverick and Maven series was one of the most fascinating experiences I have taken part in...

Working with Atomic on their new 2021-2022 Maverick and Maven series was one of the most fascinating experiences I have taken part in; it shed new light on Atomic as a company, a brand, and a product innovator in skiing. The Maverick project proves Atomic truly cares for their customer’s input. This genuine focus at the local and individual level allowed them to gather as much data as possible to produce one of the most relevant products in the market.

While designed and tested in North America, the Maverick and Maven series were built and assembled in the Amer factory located in Altenmarkt Austria. Meanwhile, Atomic USA assembled a test team of 60 skiers that included ski shop owners, ski shop employees, consumers, influencers, professional skiers and Atomic staff members to help the brand work out all the details. Their primary focus for the development of this series was - YOU and I. The people who buy skis! Over 4 years, Atomic prototyped over 145 skis and ultimately whittled it down to 5 men’s models and four women’s models that will assure skiers of all abilities to have a kick-ass day in almost all conditions and terrain!

It’s refreshing to know Atomic’s primary focus for the Maverick and Maven series is the consumers and respected ski shops. A little about Atomic, they own the racing world. They own the free-ride world, the category they’ve needed help in is the all-mountain category. Atomic now has a ski that will phase out the Vantage series to provide a ripping all-mountain ski and earn well-deserved space on our wall to get them back into the all-mountain world. They have created a ski that skis almost everywhere on the mountain; holds a great edge on hard pack snow, floats decently in soft snow and absorbs vibration through varied snow conditions. In short, a true North American all-mountain ski.

"Their primary focus for the development of this series was - YOU and I - the people who buy skis!"

Built primarily for directional use, the series uses an “Omatic Core” (an anagram for Atomic) which consists of a blend of titanium and fibreglass layered in the Maverick, and carbon in the Maven. Atomic claims this specific construction assists in the consistency of the torsional rigidity and overall flex pattern of the skis. The primary materials used in the layup consist of paulownia wood, fibreglass (or carbon), sandwiched with two sheets of titanium in the Maverick and Carbon in some of the models of the Maven. The early rise shovel in addition to HRZN tech helps with the ease of turn-initiation as well as flotation in deeper snow. The traditional camber underfoot allows for great edge hold and carving, finished out with a flatter tail with a subtle early rise for an excellent finish or smear if you want!

The Brothers Boone were initially asked to help develop the series on the hill (Copper Mountain) and in conference back in February of 2020. It was us along with 5-7 other skiers including a few other local shop owners, U.S. Atomic Commercial Manager, Jake Strassburger, Atomic Brand Manager, Sean Kennedy and the head Austrian ski engineer, Hubert Buchsteiner. We were testing prototypes of the Maverick: 88ti, 95ti and 100ti. Not only were we able to ski around with some of the best skiers in Colorado and the ski industry, but it was also a very informative day where we were able to diagnose exactly what the ski is, who it’s intended for, what it needs, how to change the moulds and materials to accomplish the ideal ski for you! 
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The Maverick and Maven unite all mountains and skiers. 

Written by Riley Boone - 3/20/2021