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The MJ ski poles are a great set of poles for someone looking for a decently light pole for every day at the resort. The poles have an S3 magnesium aluminum shaft that is computer engineered for minimal overall weight, optimal swing weight and good aerodynamics. The poles are strain hardened and electrostatically painted to add even more durability. You can be sure these poles will stay in good condition through and throughout every family ski vacation. The poles feature P-Core grips for the most comfort and grip. The P-Core grip is in an ergonomic shape made out of soft thermoplastic rubber. A comfortable grip will help keep your hands happy and your poles in your hands. Coming out of the grip are rear entry strap systems, allowing for quick and easy entry. The straps have a special buckle made for effortless adjustment. The back of the strap measures to 25 millimeters to maximize comfort and support. At the bottom of the poles you will find a 3.6 basket, measuring to 60 millimeters in diameter, which is a super durable basket made with aerodynamics in mind. At the tip is an "Ice Tip" made from dense metal in a diamond-like shape. You can be sure these tips puncture through the firmest ice and snow. The MJs are the poles for you if you are starting to explore more of what the resort has to offer.


  • S3 Aluminum Alloy Shaft
  • 16mm Shaft Diameter
  • P-Core Grip
  • FX 15x25 Re-Entry Strap
  • 3.6 Basket
  • Ice Tip