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This low profile Retractable Powsurf Leash is choice for the rider who wants minimal interference from the tether. The thin webbing is barely noticeable as you ride and stays out of the way, allowing the rider to spin and flip the board underfoot with minimal resistance. This Retractable Powsurf Leash stays off the ground to prevent snagging on trees and rocks and stretches to 16 feet to allow the board to be at a safe distance from the rider in the event of a fall. This leash clips to your belt and is hardly noticeable on your waist. Super easy on/off clip and when disconnected it retracts back into the casing and is out of your way

We’ve tested over 20 different retractable “dog leashes” and this is by far the most durable and functional. Be careful of other brands as we have lost many boards down the hill due to cheap versions breaking.

There is no “recoil” that will send the board flying back at the rider, however on a bad enough fall where the 16 ft length is reached, the board could be pulled in the rider’s direction. As with surfing there is always the possibility of being hit by the board on a fall, but this system minimizes that risk.

Body Dimensions: 4″ x 5″ x 1″