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Get safe drinking water anywhere, in just 30 minutes, with Potable Aqua's Water Purification Tablets, with PA Plus tablets to neutralizes iodine taste and color. Includes 50-tablet bottle of iodine tablets and 50-tablet bottle of PA Plus neutralizing tablets. Intended for short-term or limited emergency use and ideal for campers, hikers, or other outdoors enthusiasts. The iodine tablets make contaminated water safe for drinking and are effective against Giardia lamblia. Two (2) Potable Aqua tablets will treat 1 quart (1 liter) of water

Keep out of reach of children
  • Safe drinking water wherever you are
  • Iodine tablets clean water in 30 minutes
  • PA Plus tablets remove iodine taste, color
  • Effective against Giardia lamblia
  • Two 50-count bottles

Unit Weight 0.20 lb
Brand Potable Aqua
MFG Part No. 304