Boone Mountain Sports - LINE PANDORA 104-2022


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The Line Pandora 104 blends powder and all-mountain freeride into a perfectly versatile ski for those who like skiing anything and everything but want proper float for when the snow gets deep. This ski suits the more adventurous skier who seeks out softer snow and ungroomed terrain but its shape and construction provide great performance all over the mountain. One of the highlights of this ski is just how light it is. Line builds this ski with their Aspenlight core and Carbon Magic Finger Filaments which provide a balance of power and lightness as well as a very energetic flex pattern. By not using heavier additives like metal laminates, this ski really stands out in its category due to its impressively light feel. The Pandora 104 features Line's capwall construction which consists of a vertical sidewall underfoot and a cap construction out in the tips and tails. This gives you solid torsional stiffness and edge grip in the center of the ski, but keeps the swingweight down at the same time by reducing the amount of material in the extremities of the ski. At 104 millimeters under the boot, this ski is certainly on the wider end of the spectrum, but it is narrow enough to provide great firm snow performance. It will float really well in deep snow, especially with its rockered and tapered tip shape, but it retains good torsional stiffness as well as a fairly long effective edge when you want to go carve some turns. Ladies with a thirst for adventure will love the balance of performance characteristics highlighted in the Line Pandora 104.


  • Sidecut: 137/104/121
  • Radius: 14.6 meters
  • Weight: 1633 grams per ski
  • Core: Aspenlite
  • Carbon Magic Finger Filaments
  • Capwall Construction
  • Multiradius Sidecut
  • Tip and Tail Rocker
  • Ability Level: Advanced to expert skiers