Boone Mountain Sports - MOVEMENT GO 90 TI SKIS-2022


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The Movement Go 90 Ti is a surprisingly-versatile ski that can be used in all-mountain or in freetouring, it breathes lightness, performance and liveliness.

The Movement Go freeride collection was fully revamped for the 2020-2021 winter with new geometries and a double titanal stringer that greatly enhance the performances. Thinnest ski of the range, the Go 90 Ti is particularly versatile, a true 50/50 that can tackle all kinds of conditions.

What's on the agenda for the Movement Go 90 Ti ski?

Some performance skis quickly reach their limits outside of their comfort zone but not this one! The Movement Go 90 Ti shines in all conditions, it's a true Jack-of-all-trades that holds well on the edge and gives you rebound on hardpack and buoyancy on powder with its double rocker. The lightweight construction for its part has an hidden talent: it can be used for freetouring. So if you're looking for a ski that can handle all the mountain from top to bottom, from bottom to top and from side to side, go for the Go 90 Ti!  

Who is the Movement Go 90 Ti ski for?

We recommend this model to riders looking for an ultra-versatile ski that can go on and off-piste, and even if in freetouring if they feel like it. Just beware, with its double titanal stinger, it is pretty demanding and requires an advanced/expert level to be mastered.

What are the main assets of the Movement Go 90 Ti?