Boone Mountain Sports - M CANADA SHIRT


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Maple syrup supplies are at an all-time low, the firewood is running out, and that pesky black bear is lumbering up the porch again. Time to panic? Nah, just pull on the Fjallraven Men's Canada Shirt Jacket and go boil down some sap, sink your axe into some straight-grained ash, and wrestle that bear into submission. The Canada's wool-blend outer fabric will give you the manly confidence it takes to make maples tap themselves and subdued bears gather round to hear your tall tales, and the G-1000 lining will keep you warm while you sit on the porch, instructing your tamed ursines in the finer points of wood stacking. 

  • lumberjack-styled flannel forged for Canadian winters
  • Wool blended with acrylic knit for extra warmth in cold weather
  • G-1000 Original detailing at collar and pockets