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Kodiak Shovel

Boasting the largest shoveling volume (3.1 liters) of any option in the Ortovox line, the Kodiak Shovel shaves precious seconds when digging out a backcountry buddy. An extremely rigid blade, sharp cutting edge, ergonomic grip, and unique snow-clearing design further enhance shoveling efficiency for faster rescues, as well as less time spent digging pits and more time shredding powder.

  • Ortovox's most voluminous shovel for faster digging
  • Extremely rigid hardened aluminum for efficiency
  • Telescoping handle makes it easier to fit into backpack
  • Flat shovel blade is ideal for snow clearing
  • 90-degree Easy Plug clearing function
  • Automatic locking during assembly
  • Non-slip step grooves and rubberized grip for secure shoveling