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Power, strength, and awesomeness best describe this killer deal. Built specifically for advanced and expert level skiers, the Kastle MX 99 is a new offering from Kastle that is specifically aimed at all-mountain skiers who have a penchant for carving turns on the front side. Setting the MX 99 apart from its Kastle brethren is a small amount of tip rocker. As a result of this little bit of turned up tip, the skis are able to engage in turns a lot easier than with a fully cambered profile. Additionally, in powder, the skis will float up and stay on top of fresh snow. At 99 mm underfoot, the skis are on the wide side for a front-side ski, but that seems to be where they prefer to be. When you take these skis off-trail, they'll bust through anything you put in front of them, but you have to be on your game. If you relax, they'll keep going. The amount of energy you put in is the amount you'll get back out, so don't sleep on these skis or else you'll get tossed around. With a wood core and two sheets of metal, the construction is all there. They're stiff, burly, and ready to rock. When you lay them over on edge, you'll feel the power come through from the tips to the tails. Speaking of tails, the flat tail grips the turn tight and holds it until the end. The amount of power that comes out of these skis is impressive. For all advanced and expert skiers looking for the ultimate in all-mountain performance, look no further than the 2020 Kastle MX 99 Skis with Bindings.


  • Wood Core with Dual metal laminate
  • Tip Rocker with camber underfoot
  • Flat tail
  • Hollwtech Tip
  • Ability Level: Advanced and expert skiers


Tip 135 mm
Waist 99 mm
Tail 120 mm

168 cm 18,4 m 2050 g/Ski
176 cm 20,5 m 2145 g/Ski
184 cm 22,6 m 2240 g/Ski