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From mellow morning missions to burly big mountain bangers, the Karakoram PRIME NOMAD + Split Interface Splitboard Bindings are designed to get you into the backcountry with minimum fuss. These workhorses balance an impressively gram-conscious build with downhill precision and power to ensure you feel great whichever way you're pointed. The PRIME system split interface is second-to-none, with lightning-quick transitions and rock-solid connections in both touring and ride modes. No slop, no problem, these things are no joke!

Product Details

Tour Mode

DualSpeed Risers with Heel-Lock – These risers open with a pole basket, have two heights, and have a retractable heel lock that you can flip up when you need it.

Flex-Lock – Ride like a snowboarder and tour like a hardbooter with this external stiffening device that gives you twice the edge grip.

Smooth Touring Pivot – Independent sleeves rotate freely on a fixed thru-axle, similar to a bike axle, making these stiff and smooth. They're wide for touring rigidity, they shed snow well, and the quick-releasing bracket allows for simple transitions.

Ride Mode

Prime System – Quickly attach your Prime bindings to your solid board with Quiver-Connectors or splitboard with the Ride Mode 2.0.

Ride Mode 2.0 – Easy snow clearing, drop-on change-overs, and no slop. Ride Mode 2.0 ensures the most solid connection between all your components.

Interlocking Seam Tabs – No separation: tabs interlock across the seam of your board, interlocking and pre-loading the two halves for a solid ride.

Active Joining – No slop with instant response. Pre-loaded contact points create an ultra solid connection between your bindings and splitboard.

Power Link – Getting your binding in and out of ride mode has never been easier than with Power Link, an ergonomic activation lever that allows you to remove your bindings or engage with one simple, fluid motion. Pull up to lock, push down to unlock.


Open Chassis Design – Allows your board to flex naturally on its own, unaffected by bindings.

Nomad X-Type Heelcup – 2X stronger than standard aluminum, these CNC'd baseplates transfer power with an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio.

Aluminum Hardware – Custom 7075-T6 screws and hollow pins mean every gram counts.

Asymmetrical Heelcup – The high sidewalls give support while sidehilling, and the low sidewalls allow for freedom of movement while riding.

Flex (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – 6


Air-Pod Straps – Made from P-Lite TPE, which is 30% lighter than standard TPU. These lightweight straps feature Independent Pressure Pods that articulate to eliminate pressure points.

Airform Straps – Independent Pressure Pods articulate to boot eliminating pressure points and pinch points.


Super Pivot Ratchets – Low profile Nylon composite ratchets are robust, smooth, and up to 30% lighter.


Reactive Highbacks – Delivering featherweight support with precision feedback, these have a great stiffness to weight ratio.

Flex (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – 8


Compatible with Standard Splitboard Inserts

Compatible with Karakoram PRIME Quiver-Connectors

Additional Features

Includes – Bindings, Interface Kit (Ride Mode 2.0, Tour Mode, DualSpeed Riser w/ Heel Lock), AirStrap and Standard Toe Straps