Boone Mountain Sports - K2 MINDBENDER 115C ALLIANCE-2022
Boone Mountain Sports - K2 MINDBENDER 115C ALLIANCE-2022


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While not always the most practical skis in our quivers, it's safe to say that any experienced skier longs for something they can use on those dream-worthy days fill with bottomless powder and endless smiles are endless. The K2 Mindbender 115C Alliance is a full-on powder ski designed for ladies that want waterski-like float in deep powder packaged into something light, playful, and versatile enough to handle buffed out choppy snow when conditions aren't ideal. This ski starts with a lightweight Aspen Veneer wood core which is infused by K2's Spectral Braid Technology which is a Carbon fiber weave wrapping the core, dictating the torsional stiffness throughout the ski based on the tightness of that weave. More specifically, the weave is tighter in the tip and canter of the ski which provide a lot of stability and power to those segments of the ski, while the looser weave in the tail allows for less torsional stiffness by design, allowing for easy edge release and lateral maneuverability. This design feature equates to a stable and chargy ski at high speeds or in choppy snow while still providing a lot of surfyness in deep snow. K2 also uses their Carbon Boost technology in the Mindbender Alliance 115 C which features Carbon stringers that run tip to tail giving the ski a lot of liveliness and pop for an energetic feel in deep snow. A waist width of 115 millimeters in combination with a generous tip and tail rocker profile turn these things into total surfboards when you want to get loose in the deep stuff, but a bit of camber underfoot helps give you the bite you need for those steep and tight lines in that windbuffed or crusty snow often found up in the high alpine. Ladies looking for a freeride powder ski that can handle the choppy stuff will love the blend of performance characteristics offered by the K2 Mindbender Alliance 115 C.


  • Sidecut: 140/115/129 mm at 174 centimeters
  • Turn Radius: 20.4 meters at 174 centimeters
  • Core: Aspen Veneer
  • Spectral Braid
  • Carbon Boost
  • Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile
  • Ability Level: Advanced and Expert Skiers