Boone Mountain Sports - FISCHER VOYAGER EF MOUNTED / TOUR IFP - 2021


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The Fischer Voyager EF is a great ski for someone who may just be getting into recreational XC skiing or does not go that often. Featuring a waxless base, the crown of the ski will grip the snow for you while the tip and the tail of the ski allow for optimal glide. In addition, the Voyager EF will come pre-mounted. That means you will not have to worry about picking out a binding that will match up or worry about taking your old bindings and putting them on these new skis. XC skis made simple, the Voyager EF.


  • User-friendly skis and bindings to get you cross country skiing
  • Bindings are easy to get in and out of for added convenience
  • Efficient Forward construction offers more glide with less energy
  • 52mm waist is wide enough for stability on and off the track
  • Lightweight Air Tec wood core provides you with a nice glide
  • Vario waxless bases give grip and kick in varying conditions