Boone Mountain Sports - FISCHER SUPER SKIN MOHAIR MIX 66-2022


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Discovering the backcountry and getting away from the resort or cross country centers is all the rage these days. BC advetures entail fitness, technique and route finding skills that enable you to access far away places that have no crowds. If you are looking for untracked snow and a peaceful, soulful ski experience that cross-country ski centers just cant provide, than backcountry explortaion is right up your alley. If you like to climb and get more out of the ascnet than the descent, than the Fischer Super Skin Mohair Mix 66 Cross Country skins are the climbing tool of choice for you. Made of a mixture of 65% Mohair and 35% Nylon, these skins provide excellent adhesion and grip, while also being able to glide efficiently and smoothly. The Fischer Super Skin Mohair Mox 66 is prefect compliment to your Fischer backcountry nordic skis. And when you finally reach your objective for the day and are ready to go downhill, the skins remove easily with a quick pull and tear of the skin. No hassel, super quick and easy. You can even keep the skins on to reduce your speed and provide added control when needed when going downhill. This is really helpful when encounting dicey conditions or coming into a situatuon where you just don't feel confident in skiing the terrain well. Adventures await! Go farther, further, faster and easier with the Fischer Super Skin Mohair Mix 66 Cross-Country skins.


  • Mixture of 65% Mohair/35% Nylon
  • Adjustable Tip Clips
  • Tail Clips
  • Skin Bag