Boone Mountain Sports - ATOMIC STH 16 WTR C130


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The Atomic STH 16 WTR is a low-built freeski binding - built specially for wide powder and park & pipe skis. Its high-impact steel housing stands up against the most punishing skiing, while the shock-absorbing Progressive Transfer Pads cushion the hardest landings. The Oversized Platform enables you to transfer more power to the ski while the self-retracting Freeski Brakes come into their own on switch landings and in soft snow, eliminating hang-ups and drag on powder. The height-adjustable STH 16 WTR is compatible with WTR soles, and stepping into the binding is easy even in deep powder. Finally, a maximum release value of 16 makes this the ideal binding for aggressive skiers.


  • - Toe Height Adjustment
  • - Locking Brakes
  • - Low Profile Chassis
  • - Oversized Platform
  • - Progressive Transfer Pads
  • - Steel Housing
  • - Stomp Pedal
  • - Elevated Brakes