Boone Mountain Sports - ATOMIC N MAVERICK 95 TI SKI - 2022


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The Atomic Maverick 95 Ti is just a ripping good time. We talk a lot here at Boone Mountain about how the mid-90's width is really that perfect middle ground for skiers who want to only have one pair.

If you're travelling to ski, bring these, and you'll be all set. From hard snow to soft snow and all snows in between, the Atomic Maverick 95 Ti skis are going to be the perfect tool for any job. Built with a poplar wood core and two sheets of metal, the Maverick 95 Ti loves to be pushed to the edge. These skis have a very high speed limit due to this build, but that's only one side of the story. Despite the fact that it does have metal, it's still remarkably light, coming in at 1800 grams per ski in the 180. This makes it very quick for a 95 with two metal laminates, and we could not be happier about that. In the moguls and trees and other tight spots where you need to get from one turn to the next, the quickness and responsiveness really stands out. A lot of it has to do with the shape, but let's not forget about the shovels. Atomic uses their HRZN tip shape to get the flotation and playfulness out of the ski, and it works really well in these 95's as it introduces a good amount of fun and maneuverability to the ski, as well as increasing the powder performance. For advanced and expert skiers who are looking to maximize their fun and versatility out there on the hill, the Atomic Maverick 95 Ti skis are an awesome selection.


  • Sidecut: 129/95/113
  • Turn Radius: 19.3 meters at 180
  • Weight: 1800 grams per ski at 180
  • Poplar Wood Core
  • Dual Metal Laminate with Fiberglass
  • Tip and Tail Rocker
  • HRZN Tips