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Happy feet is happy skiing. Let us help you dial in your ski or snowboard boots for the remainder of the ski season!

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Custom boot fitting: our approach 

Step 1: Analysis

Let our experienced staff learn about you. What type of terrain to you typically ski? What are your biggest concerns? What kind of boot are you looking for? What is the overall length of your foot, does your arch length supersede your overall length? Instep height, last measurement, calf size consideration, etc...

Step 2: Try them on

Try one on or try ten on. A/B comparisons tells us a lot about your feet. What you feel in one model, might not be what you feel in another even if it is the same size. Let's make sure this is the right boot for you. After we  become ski boot besties. We will make sure that this boot is a match made in heaven - let's take this relationship to the next level. 

Step 3: Customization 

It's time, we both know it - this is the right boot, so let's make any minor tweaks to make sure this is a perfect fit. All custom boot-fits start with a custom orthotic. This will ensure 101% comfort along with stabilizing the rear foot to ensure your in the correct phase of gate. If we need to go beyond that, we will start manipulating the actual  shape of the boot to fit the exact shape of your feet. 

Ongoing care: 

There's a reason they call it a relationship, once you take your new boots out for a spin (or five) there's a slight chance they will need some tweaks. We're always here to support you and your boot. So we offer care and guidance as needed after the initial honeymoon phase. 

Happy Feet, Happy Skiing: The Importance of Well Fit Ski Boots

Feb 15, 2021 Logan Boone

If you were to ask any experienced skier if proper boot fit is important, the answer would be “The most important”. It is the connection between you and a plank that is sliding on ice, it is important that when you re-act the ski reacts. Hence better fitting equals better skiing. I have been fitting boots for nearly two decades. I am here to help you understand just how important a better fitting ski boot is for your ski day.