Boone Mountain Sports - STOCKLI FT EDGE - 2022


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The Stockli Edge FT is a touring ski that offers a lightweight, efficient build while maintaining stability for the descent. The Edge FT transforms and all-mountain freeride ski into the ultimate touring ski for serious skiers. Starting with the core, Stockli uses a Super Light Core which keeps the weight down, but also provides a very dynamic response from the ski. A thing glass laminate is laid over the core for some added stiffness and stability to beef the ski up a bit. Despite a simple core, you get very solid stability as well as agility from the ski on the descent, not to mention a nice light ski for the climb. Similar to the Stormrider line, the Edge FT feature's Stockli's new Freeride Tip design which improves the ski's overall ability to handle softer snow thanks to a lighter, more elongated tip shape. Tail rocker is added to the profile of the ski to allow for a smoother release when you need to really round off your turns in the steeps. Stockli designed the edge FT with what they call Vario Sidecut. All that really means is the ski's width is dependent on its length, this helps tailor the ski's performance to the specifications of a particular skier. More surface area in the longer versions is particularly beneficial for a taller and/or heavier skier due to the increased surface area. Other tasteful design features that make your life easy on a tour include a cut-out in the tail to fit a skin clip, and the newly updated topsheet design called Titec Evo. This textured topsheet deters snow from sticking to your ski helping keep any weight being added to your feet, step by step. Experienced skiers will love the versatility and lightweight construction of the Stockli Edge FT.


  • Sidecut: 130/94/119 at 176 centimeters
  • Radius: 18.7 meters at 176 centimeters
  • Super Light Core
  • Touring Super Light Edge
  • Full Sidewall construction
  • Tip and tail rocker
  • Vario Sidecut
  • Titec Evo topsheet
  • Ability Level: Advanced to expert skiers