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If you're standing on the steep and rocky shore of a white powdery ocean and you freeze your ... off because you're standing only in your boardshorts, then you totally understood the Bataleon Surfer. Couple of years ago Bataleon created a surfboard based on the model of a snowboard - now they do it the exact opposite way. The Surfer brings a unique surf feeling directly from the beach to the powder.

Riding Style
The Surfer is a dedicated powder board. Steep untouched lines, high speeds and nipple deep snow are its favourites. But this board is so awesome, you can even carve on-piste without getting in trouble.

A unique board needs a unique shape, and here's the Pow 3BT™. The Surfer has a directional shape with a light taper and a massive swallowtail. Setback inserts provide additional surfy riding. The new SideKick™ Tips increase the edge uplift on the widest points of nose and tail for easier turn initiation, more float and better handling in rough terrain.

Pow 3BT™ has the narrowest centre base in the range. The sidebases of the tip are uplifted much higher than those of the tail. The Medium Camber allows plenty of edge hold and carving fun despite all that floatiness.

The Surfer has a medium-soft flex (4/10). The unique and powerful Pow 3BT™ shape allows you to ride a powder board slightly softer than most of the comparable boards out there.

A 70/30 % poplar and paulownia wood core is additionally reinforced with light and strong tri-axial fibreglass. This means massive pop and stability. Carbon stringers from the binding area towards nose and tail provide precise power transmission and aggressiveness. The D.R.S.T, the Dual Radial Super Tube wood core upgrade, features six hollow carbon core inserts parallel to the board radius for extra power transfer to the edge. Nano Speed S is the fastest base money can buy. This base is produced with ISO-Sport 7000 black racing series and is what spandex-clad dudes have on their ski boards. No joke.